LumniMarble™ Body Marbling Kit 5 Colors (Party Of 125)

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LumniMarble™ Marbling Body Kits include everything you need to get your party started. Enough for up to 125 people. The primary colors in this kit can be combined to produce just about any color. There are many color blending apps to assist you in finding the color you want.


  • 5 Bottles Of Water Based LumniMarble™ Paint
  • 16 oz. LumniMarble™ Red
  • 16 oz. LumniMarble™ Blue
  • 16 oz Lumnimarble™ Yellow
  • 16 oz. LumniMarble™ White
  • 16 oz. LumniMarble™ Black
  • 1 Medium Package of LumniMarble™ Pre Soak
  • 1 Medium Package of LumniMarble™ Suspension Powder And Water Thickener
  • 4 Droppers

Complete instructions included. Paint is similar to finger paint and is water based and non toxic. We also use food grade materials in our kits.

Upgrade Your Body Marbling Kit

LumniMarble™ Extra Package Of Saline Solution – Free Shipping!

LumniMarble™ Suspension Powder And Water Thickener – Free Shipping!

LumniMarble 8 oz. Bottle of Black Paint – Free Shipping!

LumniMarble™ 5 Color Choice – Red, Blue, Yellow, White, and Black